The physics institution of tomorrow


To transform the
 Institute of Physics into a digitally-focused organisation

Services Provided

  • Design sprints
  • User interviews
  • Prototyping

  • UX & UI design
  • User testing

  • Filming
  • Video Post-production

  • Web app development
  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure development
  • Building APIs
  • Creating service design manuals
  • Testing third party services

IOP Service Manual

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IOP Events Service

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Key Metrics

23 sprints

run during the project so far…


IOP members, staff, stakeholders and members of public involved in the process


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The physics institution of tomorrow
A digital transformation of the Institute of Physics

2018 marks an important chapter in the history of the Institute of Physics (IOP). The move to a new building in Kings Cross is going to transform the way the IOP works and how it supports the physics community. To ensure this transformation travels beyond the new location, IOP is making its digital services central to everything it does.

The new Institute of Physics building in Kings Cross

Since 2016, Amphio has been a trusted digital partner of the IOP. Together, we have enabled the institution to go beyond a typical web presence by designing platforms that become the go-to place for all of its members – a foundation that will help IOP to build the physics institution of tomorrow.

‘Our new digital programme will transform the way in which we go about delivering all of our services – it stands to revolutionise a lot of what we do’

– Paul Hardaker
CEO, Institute of Physics

For any digital transformation, future requirements are always uncertain. Digital demands are updated on a daily basis and the scope to serve members is constantly expanding. Should you choose a third-party solution or build something more flexible and scalable for the long-term? Can you get to the heart of the problem and build the simplest solution first to solve your urgent needs?

This challenge is what the IOP and Amphio partnership has decoded. The Amphio team has been working closely with staff, members and public across the institution to deliver member-driven services of measurable value.

Amphio and IOP Staff sorting notes from a user testing session

From the outset, engaging members at all stages of development has been key to success. Understanding the needs of the IOP community has enabled us to build a flexible architecture that is easy to manage and adapt to changes in requirements – harnessing the disruptive power of software to deliver an institution for the long-term.

‘Amphio have been integral to developing our vision and ambition by bringing their perspective and experience’

– Rachel Youngman
COO, Institute of Physics

Amphio has focused on three key deliverables:

  1. Strategy informed by members: Amphio runs design sprints to encourage a user-focused culture across all of the IOP’s digital projects. Prototyping and testing allows us to hone in on the most critical requirements; makes it easier and quicker to find good solutions and build a digital strategy learning directly from members.
  2. Agile development: The technology Amphio is building for the IOP is designed with integration and long-term value in mind. Agile software development allows the IOP to serve and support all aspects of the institution’s activities and staff members. 
  3. Tools for scale: Amphio has worked closely with IOP staff to design interfaces and infrastructures that continually evolve with the needs of the community. This framework is supported by detailed guidelines and service manuals that allow the IOP to quickly develop scalable solutions internally.

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Want to find
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Talk to our CEO Louise if you want to know more or want to discuss working with us.

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